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StrategicFox provides professional coaching services to teams and business leaders to empower them to greater success. We are all capable of performing better and by working with a professional coach great results can be achieved.

Executive coaching offers busy business leaders and managers an opportunity to reflect, develop their self-awareness, and determine their professional and personal goals. By working with a professional coach to challenge and support you, leaders are provided with a safe space to explore what your goals are from the coaching sessions and how to deliver whatever outcomes mean success for you.

Team coaching offers senior leadership teams an opportunity to be coached as a unit, providing a safe space for reflection and curiosity about how the team is working together, with the aim of developing as a high performing team. The team is challenged and supported to find their own answers on how to progress as a team.

At StrategicFox we are passionate about people fulfilling their potential and achieving their ambitions.

Executive coaching

Coaching to address your professional goals and enhance your leadership skills and performance

Team coaching

Coaching for senior leadership teams who want to develop further as a high performing team

Interview coaching

Coaching to enhance your interview skills, and develop confidence and clarity in your signature strengths

Companies we have worked with

Deirdre has worked with a broad range of organisations in Ireland, the UK, and the USA either directly or via her long standing relationship with HPC. Her clients have included:

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