Executive coaching

Enhance your leadership skills and performance

  • Are you ready to improve your performance and satisfaction in your work life?
  • Are you already at a senior level on your organisation, but find yourself at a cross roads in terms of career development?
  • Have you had feedback that you are ready to act on to improve your performance?

Executive Coaching has proven to bring real tangible benefits and StrategicFox offers an Executive Coaching service tailored for those with the challenge of providing leadership in organisations. At StrategicFox, we understand the many challenges of today’s business world and the stress and pressure to perform.  While there may be many common challenges and issues across all sectors, executive coaching provides the space to address your own specific opportunities and challenges. Everyone has considerably more potential than they may realise and working with an Executive Coach gives you the opportunity to reflect and determine how to enhance your work and life happiness and success.


For a free and confidential chat to discuss, please call or mail; Deirdre@strategicfox.ie +353 (0)86 3806523

Team coaching

Senior Teams ready for the next level of performance

  • Is your team a high performing team?
  • Would you like to bring your team to the next level in terms of performance?
  • Are your team looking to improve and enhance how they operate and work together as a team?

Strategicfox understands the complexity and challenge that Senior Leadership Teams face. Many teams can get stuck in the ‘business’ that needs doing, but don’t find the time to think about how they are working together. Team Coaching provides the space for the team to reflect on how they are they are working and behaving as a team, and particularly how they are interacting and collaborating together.  Working with a team coach provides that opportunity to be coached as a unit and to determine together the steps they need to take, to move forward together as a high performing team.


For a free and confidential chat to discuss, please call or mail; deirdre@strategicfox.ie +353 (0)86 3806523

Interview coaching

Get the roles you want

As we progress in our careers, our values and what is important in our working life may change and evolve – possibly as a result of coaching.  Therefore, when we find a role that we want and get through the initial application stages to reach interview, it becomes ever more important to get the roles we want.

At StrategicFox, we are passionate about helping individuals to ‘nail that interview’. We have worked with executives who are looking for senior level positions across multiple domains, both private and public. The interview coaching process includes a two-hour session to give you time to reflect and consider:

Your presence and impact,
How to describe your career progression,
Your signature strengths and challenges,
Your leadership style and
Clarity on why you are the right person for this role.

At the end of the interview coaching session, you will have had time to consider all of the above, and ultimately gained the confidence to be successful.


For a free and confidential chat to discuss, please call or mail; Deirdre@strategicfox.ie +353 (0)86 3806523